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Basic Painting with Softly Flo.
For best results when painting fabric, place it in a Tri-Chem hoop to stop any movement. Holding the tube vertically by the protector, place the Softly Flo tip on the fabric and press down lightly to start the flow of paint. Use firm even lines, (or small round circles for large areas) to fill in with color. When an area is filled, use a shading tool #0488 or stylus #0487, to push the paint into the fabric. This is an important step as this causes the paint to saturate the fibers of the fabric and not merely sit on the surface of the fabric. This step causes the painting process to become totally permanent.
Shaded Designs and Self-Shaded Transfers.
Many Tri-Chem transfers are self-shaded. They have a shaded area in the design. When paint is applied over the shading, it provides a permanent shaded area producing an effective result. (See photograph to the left.)
Shading & Blending with Softy Flo Colors.
It is so rewarding to blend and shade colors to achieve realistic shades, dramatic effects or add dimension to your painting. Shading is easily achieved. The most important aspect of shading is the selection of your colors. Use this simple formula to select appropriate colors. 1 . Pick out 2 or 3 shades for blend ing/shading. 2. Always select colors from either the warm or cool family. Do not mix warm and cool paint when shading. 3. Select a dark, medium and light shade for blending. They can, but do not have to be, colors of the same shade. Example 3 blues.
Blending and Shading Tips.
Apply the darkest color first, then the middle shade, and finally the lightest of the 3 colors. As a rule, always remember that the area of your design which receives the MOST light will be painted with the lightest color in your selection.
How to shade with Softly Flo Paint.
Paint only a very small section at a time.
1 . Apply darkest color using short line strokes to the dark shaded
area of your design. If there is no shading apply the dark paint to
the area that will receive the least sunlight.
Example: underside or overlapped sections.
Apply only a small amount of the dark color.
2. While the darkest color is still wet, apply a small amount of the
middle shade. This color should overlap at least 50% of the
darker color. Blend where the 2 colors meet using a stylus or
shading tool.
3. Finish by adding the lightest of the 3 colors. The light color
should overlap 50% of the middle color. Make sure you blend the
2 colors together where they meet using a shading tool or stylus.
(See photograph #3 to the left.)
Washing Instruction.
Softly Flo Paint does not require heat setting. Allow to dry for 7 days before washing painted fabrics on warm (not hot) laundry cycle.
Note: Do not use fabric softeners on garments prior to painting.
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