Bronzing Baby Shoes
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Bronzing Baby Shoes

While commercially bronzed baby shoes can be very expensive, you can produce a similar product for a fraction of the cost, with Tri-Chem products.
Supplies Required:
Baby's first shoes
Soft Cloth
0643 Tip changer
Optional: #2510
Creative Clay
0749 Sponge Brush
0720 Voila
0723 Copper Color Lites or
0724 Bronze Color Lites
0433 Finish It Vanish
0753 Clear Sealer
0922 Flat Brush
3181 Deep Brown Softy-Flo 


  • Apply two coats of Voila to unlaced shoes, allowing to dry between coats.

  • Dip laces into Voila, and lace into shoes.  Tie Laces in a bow or arrange untied.

  • Apply additional coats of Voila, until shoes become stiff, allowing drying time between each coat.  (Three or four coats should be sufficient for leather shoes.)

  • When Voila is completely dry, paint the entire shoe inside and out, with  Copper or Bronze.

  • Allow painted shoes to dry a least 48 hours before continuing with the antiquing.

  • To Antique the shoe, work in a small area at a time.  Remove tips from 3181 Softly Flo paint and squeeze a small amount onto palette paper.  (Replace tip on paint tube)

  • Using 922 flat brush, brush 3181 onto the shoe and wipe off immediately with a soft cloth.  Crevices such as along the sole, around the laces, eyelets et. should be quite dark, but the prominent parts of the shoes should be bright bronze with all the 31814 rubbed off.

  • Allow antiqued shoe to dry, then apply a coat of 753 clear sealer to protect the finish,  (if a shinier look is desired, apply a coat of 0433 Finish It Varnish instead of the Clear Sealer.)

Optional:  A very attractive base on which to mount the shoes can be formed from #2510 Creative Clay.  (You may wish to preserve Baby"s hand print in the clay as well)

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