Victorian Ornaments
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Victorian Christmas Ornaments

A beautiful ornament can be created by covering Styrofoam ball with lace and highlighting with Designer Dust You are limited only by your imagination. Plan an afternoon or evening workshop with your friends, have everyone bring their own basic supplies and lace for their own balls plus some extra for trading. At the end of the workshop everyone will have some new ornaments for gifts or their own use.

Basic Supplies

3" Styrofoam Balls
White or coloured paper luncheon napkins
Tri Chem Voila - item # 0750
Tri Chem Designer Dust
Assorted Lace and Trims
Tri Chem Softly Flo paints
Tri Chem Fashion brush # 0922
Ribbon for hanger


Directions given are for a gold and white ornament. Colours may be varied according to individual taste.

  • Separate while luncheon napkins into single layers. Tear luncheon napkins into strips about 1" wide. Using fashion brush #0922 coat Styrofoam ball with Voila. Allow to dry. Working on a small area of the ball at a time brush on a second coat of Voila, press strips on napkin onto ball until entire ball is covered. Allow to dry. If desired the ball can be painted with a Softly Flo point of your choice a this time. Carefully remove the tip from the paint and squeeze a small amount of paint onto a paper palette. Using the fashion Brush paint the ball desired colour. Let dry before proceeding.
  • Pour a small amount Voila into a saucer. Dip lace to be applied to ball into Voila until lace is thoroughly saturated. Apply lace to ball, You may cover the entire ball or cut out sections of the lace and place on ball. Allow to dry. Lace can be held in place with straight pins until dry. Remove the pins before coating with Designer Dust.
  • Cover the entire ornament with a coat of Voila and sprinkle lightly with gold Designer Dust. Lace may be painted with the Softly Flo paint of your choice before applying to ball. Allow to dry thoroughly before dipping and placing on ornament.
  • Make a hanger for the ornament with a piece of ribbon. Fold ribbon in half lengthwise to make a loop and fasten to top of ornament with a corsage pin. Before inserting the pin into the ball dip it into the Voila. This will help to secure it in the ball.
  • Allow ornament to dry, hang on tree and enjoy!

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