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Join us as a Tri Chem Instructor - follow this link for more information          Contact Tri Chem Hobby Products

Tri-Chem is proud to be the largest, home direct selling, fabric painting and teaching company in the world.  Founded in 1948, our unique products are now sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

Tri-Chem's unique marketing plan offers you unlimited possibilities to earn money ....develop the potential for success in yourself and other....and add an exciting new dimension of fun, accomplishment and self-satisfaction to your life.

When you join Tri-Chem, you set your own goals.

   You're the boss!

As a Tri-Chem Instructor, your are self-employed, working the ours you choose, that fit in with your family schedule or other working commitments.

While I do suggest that holding classes in a Hostess's home is the most profitable way of operating and building your business, it is entirely up to the Instructor to sell Tri-Chem. in the manner with which she/he fells most comfortable...It may be one-on-one contact, through craft shows or local markets, from existing craft shops or through classes in your own home.

You are not required to stock merchandise...just place orders with us as customers order from you.  As a Tri-Chem Instructor, you can earn from 25% to 50% of your monthly retail sales.

It is easy to become an Instructor.  To receive a copy of our "Earning Opportunity" brochure, which also lists the content  and cost of the Instructor Starter Kit, please email your postal address or telephone me.  I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  ***This information is for Instructors in Canada only.  If you live outside of Canada and which to receive information on becoming an instructor please visit the

 Tri-Chem International    web site 

Wilda Price

Tri-Chem Hobby Products.

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