Beautiful Butterflies
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Butterflies made from pop bottles and enhanced with Tri-Chem products make a great decorations.

Use indoors or out, or make fridge magnet and package decorations.


  • Clear, smooth 2 litre pop bottle - cut away top and bottom and use centre portion to make butterflies
  • Small pearl stamens (the type used for artificial flowers) to make the butterfly antennas.
  • Slix Stix Paint      Spark-l-On Paints   
  • Jeweltone or Jewel Lite Paints
  • 280 Black Magic or 239 Black Slix Stix
  • Small magnet or popsicle stick
  • Optional: #0765 or 0766 Designer Dust
                      #0433 Finish It Varnish
  • Cut pop bottle lengthwise so it can be laid flat.  (Be sure it is clean and dry).  Tape Butterfly Pattern to inside of bottle, then tape or staple bottle to cardboard to have a flat surface on which to work.
  • Outline butterflies with #208 Black Magic paint or #239 Slix Stix paint.  Let dry.
  • Paint butterflies with colours and paint of your choice.
    -Jeweltone or Jewel lite  paints give a stained  glass look.
    -Spark-l-On will give a "Glittering" Butterfly.
    - Slix Stix will give a pearl look.
    -Designer Dust can be sprinkled into WET Slix Stix, Jeweltone or Jewel Lite paints for a shimmering effect.
  • Allow painted butterfly to dry thoroughly, then cut out.  Wings will curl up slightly.  Apply a "bead" of #239 or #280 to butterfly head and insert the flower stamen to make the antenna.  Apply a thicker coat of #280 or #239 to body and attach magnet or if butterfly is to be used as a plant stick, attach Popsicle stick instead of magnet.
  • If Butterfly is to be used as an outdoor decorations, apply a coat of #0433 Finish it Varnish to make it weather resistant.
Butterfly Pattern: You can enlarge or reduce the size of the pattern according to the size of the butterflies you wish to make. 
Click here for the Butterfly Pattern

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