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Tri-Chem Canada

Making Memory Albums and Scrapbooks

 with Tri-Chem

These Album covers were created by a group of Tri-Chem Instructors on Vancouver Island.

How many boxes of pictures do you have in your closets. Many of us enjoy taking pictures but do not get around to putting them in order so we can look at them and enjoy the memories they bring back. Putting them in a memory album will not only organize your picture but you will be reliving the times as you put the pictures in the album and they will be convenient for others to look at. Be sure to use products which are acid free or archival safe to prolong the life of your pictures.

Tri-Chem products add the perfect touch to your albums. All the paints are acid free. You can use Tri-Chem stencils to add a decorative touch to the front cover and pages of your scrapbook.

Album Cover: Many different types of binders are available to use for your album. You can easily make a fabric cover which can then be painted to co-ordinate with the theme. eg Christmas, birthday party, anniversary.

Using the stencil of transfer of your choice paint the album cover. Try to coordinate the cover the the theme of your album. 

Cropping Pictures
You can make your picture more interesting by cutting away areas which detract from the main subject. Pictures can be cut in any shape such as a heart or oval. They can also be left rectangular or square. You are limited only by your imagination.

Mounting Pictures:

Your album pages can by as simple or elaborate as you wish to make them. The important thing is to make each page tell a story. For example if you are mounting pictures of a child's birthday party cut use a number from a paper that matches your background paper and mount on the page using Tri-Chem's Stay Put Adhesive. Pictures can by framed but cutting out a from from a contrasting paper to the background page. Add interest to your page by stenciling a small design appropriate to the theme on the background.

Once your page is complete put in a plastic protective cover, place in binder and enjoy!

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