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Canadian suppliers of Tri-Chem Ball Point tip fabric paints, transfers, stencils, replacement tips for Tri-Chem paints 

and other related craft items.

 2006 Paint and Accessories Catalogue 
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The Art of Decorating
A comprehensive guide of instruction that was written for the purpose of educating the crafter on how to use Tri Chem paints and accessories to their greatest potential. 
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new items available for 2005 - 2006

  a collection of tablecloths, pictures, quilt blocks and other items.

View the Classic Collection here 
The Classic's Collection is available
  **in Canada only**
Artistic Essentials - 2005 & 2006
Pictures, Quilt Blocks, Stencils, Transfers and New Paints
The supplements are available on-line
January 2006
October 2006
March - April
 May - June 2005
July - August 2005
September - October 2005
November - December 2005
all items from the 2005 supplements are available  as supplies last.

Discontinued items  -  Grab Bag Sale 

Ideas  and Techniques Page


Softly - Flo Paints 
Detailed instructions for paints with Tri-Chem SoftlyFlo paints are now available online
To easily convert your current E-Z Flo Colours to the new Softly-Flo colours we now have a conversion chart on this site. Please feel free to print out this chart to use.
NOW AVAILABLE - SUPER DELUXE KIT  contains the complete set of Softly Flo Paints and tube protectors
(Kits A, B, C, K, e, f, G, H, I, J) 
Four tube tray stands with cover, which fit into the Toter-base (included)\Kit also includes 10" hoop, stylus and free pictuer to apint. 
#0894 - $374.95
to see a description of the kits included follow this link


TRI-CHEM CANADA office hours 10:30 am - 3:30 pm MST Monday to Friday

Please note that we now distribute
 Tri Chem to all  Canadian Provinces and the Territories. 
If you live outside of Canada you can link to a distributor in you area from our links page..



Water Based Ball Point Tip Fabric Paints; Tri-Chem Tips  Hot Iron Transfers; Stencils and many other products for Fashion and Home Decor painting and decorating with fabric paints.

To receive information on any of our products please Email us or write us at our Alberta address

Check out the full selection of paints and accessories available in our online catalogue

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